Giving Things a Face

Solo exhibition / 8 September– 06 November 2016 / De Filatuur gallery

Rivoli 690, Chaussée de Waterloo (Bascule), 1180 Brussels

Excerpt of the opening speech
By Oscar van den Boogaard


'The big colourful paintings invite the viewers to enter Rebekka’s world.

Each painting is a door of perception.

It’s an experience, from purely aesthetic to sacramental vision.

Psychedelic like in Aldous Huxley’s novel, but drugs are not required.

You get absorbed, entangeled and there’s no way out.

But it’s a pleasure to be captured in this freshness.

It’s like a bigger splash.

The young painter spends months to make one painting.

Each painting is like an abstract diary.

Time lived, time spent inside each painting.

It’s a big escape. It’s a big destination. It’s a big celebration.'

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