A Place, A Word

MOLECULE: BL!NDMAN & HISK / Rebekka Löffler & Ruben de Gheselle

Concert / 26 August 2018 / de Singel

Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp (BE)

A Place, A Word

Installation views of A Place, A Word, 2018 at de Singel, Antwerp, 2018

Rebekka Löffler (ceramics, poem) and Ruben de Gheselle (sound composition) with BL!NDMAN (musicians)

Visual and acoustic installation:
Glazed ceramics in different sizes (between approx. 20 and 85 cm in length);
Sound composition for four saxophones and a spoken poem;
Varnished vinyl underlay of about 14 square metres;

MOLECULE was a three-year-long project between the musicians of BL!NDMAN and the artists of HISK. The project found its hightlight in a presentation with different concerts at de Singel in Antwerp in 2018. Within this framework, the artist Rebekka Löffler collaborated with the composer Ruben de Gheselle, and the musicians of BL!NDMAN. They together created the audio-visual installation A Place, A Word, 2018.

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The visual and acoustic installation is a composition of seven basic ceramic shapes that are formed and combined with each other in multiple ways. They are arranged on a variable underground, depending on the side-specific conditions of the exhibition space. The ceramic installation interacts with a sound composition, based on the musical gestures of four saxophones, which are merged with the softly spoken words of a poem. The installation is inspired by the idea of visualizing a mental landscape of streams of thought, in which thoughts occupy positions in our minds and create multiple constellations. The different constructions of the seven ceramic shapes hint at the inner nature of our thoughts, which are in a constant state of development and change. Sometimes, for example, they are transitory and fragile—they rise and unfold themselves, in order to evaporate again. At other times, they rise, stay powerful, and occupy the human mind.

Sound composition by Ruben de Gheselle played by the musicians of BL!NDMAN

A Place, A Word (EN)


leading things close together
letting them sense themselves.

to let things rest
letting them rest
letting them grasp themselves
to let them in themselves
letting them border.

to bring one thing to the other
letting things sprout and then grasp them freshly
letting them conflate to new thoughts
letting them tie together.

to devise oneself anew,
letting oneself recognize newly.

to introduce myself into
sense your feelings
feeling you.

pondering for
conceiving you.

in order to dream of the one with the other
in order to hem your thoughts with my thoughts.

in order to contrive

a place, a word,
a space, a resort.

where I want to pass forwards
where I want to pass away.

where I can dream
where I can run
where I can scream
where I can sing
where I can dance.

Rebekka Löffler

(This poem is part of the audio-visual installation A Place, A Word, 2018, a collaboration between Rebekka Löffler and Ruben de Gheselle with BL!NDMAN. The magenta-coloured sections of the poem are included as whistled speech in Ruben de Gheselle’s sound composition.)

Ein Ort, ein Wort (DE)


die Dinge zueinander führen
sich erspüren lassen.

die Dinge auf sich beruhen lassen
sie ruhen lassen
sich selbst erfassen lassen
in sich selbst lassen
einfassen lassen.

das eine zum anderen bringen
die Dinge keimen lassen und dann neu erfassen
zu neuen Gedanken zusammenfassen lassen
zusammen binden lassen.

sich selbst neu erdenken
neu erkennen lassen.

mich selbst einführen in
deine Gedanken erspüren
dich spüren.

danach sinnen
dich zu ersinnen.

um das eine mit dem anderen zu erträumen
um deine Gedanken mit meinen zu umsäumen.

um daraus zu ersinnen

einen Ort, ein Wort,
einen Raum, ein Resort.

wo ich hin schreiten will
wo ich dahinscheiden will.

wo ich träumen will
wo ich rennen kann
wo ich schreien kann
wo ich singen kann
und wo ich tanzen kann.

Rebekka Löffler

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